Make the good better, and the better best. Fall in love all over again with your guitar, your amp, and everything in between.

Filipe MichaelGuitarist and Producer

When I first got it, I was skeptical because of the small size. Then I picked it up, felt it in my hands, plugged it in, and I was immediately sold. This is like a high quality Swiss army knife that you can use to shape and saturate your tone.

Brian SodenGuitarist | Gear Sales Manager

“We can’t believe how good it is! I have a great feeling about this one being a top seller for us.”

Dustin BabitzkeGuitarist | Gear Head

"I can't stop thinking about the UNO. Got a ton of ideas on gain stacking with it. You guys nailed it!"

Sean HanlonGuitarist | Customer

"It’s done what a lot of other pedals I feel didn’t do well. Less processed, more organic."

Spencer TiceGuitarist

"It’s got a rich under glow with a sparkling bright edge to it. A feeling of home."

Small Factor. Big Punch.

Bigger is not the way we get to better. When designing the UNO we were determined to create a pedal that would easily fit on any board without torturing players with decisions about what to take out. Instead of sacrificing tone for size, we accepted the challenge to work smarter and pack the exact features we wanted into a small footprint that sounds and feels rich.



The UNO uses a Unique Clipping Topology with a Tuned Compression Ratio that eases out the transition and saturation of the input signal from clean to overdriven, providing the natural sensitivity, warmth, and immediacy you feel as if you would be cranking up your favorite amp.



The tone cut knob lets you roll off some highs to tame a harsh sounding guitar. And the top switch features three saturation modes that enable you to pass through all your rich lows, clear up a muddy tone with a low cut, or engage our secret sauce setting (if we tell you, we’ll have to kill you).

It's All About Playing Nice

If you’re like us, we know you’ve spent a lot of time thinking through your signal chain, so we crafted the UNO preamp to always be on board with whatever you put before or after it. Some may call it truly transparent, but we prefer to see the UNO as an essential tool that is honest and flattering. In fact, it loves to play nice with other drives on your board bringing out thickness and nuanced harmonics that will make your well-loved gear shine.